About Us

Real Estate Merchants.

Real Estate Merchants is a Jamaican company that operates an online reservation platform for new real estate developments in Jamaica. The portal was designed to showcase, market and allow buyers to reserve lots/units in new housing and land developments. The platform is accessible via a website and aims to bring buyers and developers together in a speedy, efficient, transparent and seamless process.

Being in the business we saw the frustration of buyers both local and overseas trying to ascertain what new real estate developments came on stream for sale. These were :

  • The tedious process of finding out which lots and units were available for purchase
  • Lack of the ability to make an offer to purchase in realtime.
  • Lengthy delays between making an offer to purchase in realtime.

We wanted to find a way to make the process shorter, more transparent, access to more services , and the need for efficiency at every turn. Our insight — and the expertise of our entire team — is leading a new real estate market place in Jamaica.

  • Real Time Service
  • Real Time Reservation
  • Real Time Availability
  • Real Time Price

"Be great to yourself and buy Real Estate"

Our Services


Buyers (Customers)

View all new land and house developments on one portal

Buyers will be able to view real time availability of lots/units

View Up to date pricing

Reserve in real time any lots/units they wish to purchase.

Have access to all property information

Upload relevant documents to a secure portal.

Login and view documents and updates.

Access to mortgage officers, surveyors and valuers

Developers (Clients)

Will be able to view real time the number of units/lots under offer, under contract, reserved and sold.

Expose your lots/units to buyers and investors all over the world

Will show real time availability of lots/units for purchase

Allow buyers and investors to make offers on lots/units online in real time

Allow for electronic signatures on offer forms to start the transactions faster from anywhere in the world

Digitise the process from offer to generation of sales agreement to make the initial steps in the sales cycle easy . faster and more efficient

Host all closing documents, in one central hub with easy access to buyers and developers